Lau Goh: SG Must Have Strong Ruling Party With Clear Majority Forever

The General Elections might not be upon us yet, but the vibes that comes with the GE have certainly been felt. What with the Government giving out handouts to Singaporeans, MPs finally doing a door-to-door visits to residents, and a slew of other goodies that might come your way soon.

And of course, sound bites from the leaders too. The latest one to voice out is Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong. He has publicly said, somewhat pleadingly, that Singapore needs a political party that governs Singapore to have a “clear majority” in Parliament. And he also said that this strong party needs the mandate for more than 20 years from now. What this basically means is that he wants Singaporeans to vote one strong party (PAP) to be the leaders in Parliament in order to run Singapore well, but if you want opposition in Parliament, maybe just a token number like right now.

So, the opposition can make noise, PAP can shut them down in Parliament, and life goes on as per normal. This sounds of desperation, yes? Asking this old man to shoot his mouth off and scare Singaporeans into thinking they need one strong party to rule in order to keep Singapore alive.

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