Grandson Of LKY, Li Huanwu, Marries His Boyfriend In Cape Town

The grandson of Lee Kuan Yew and the second son of Lee Hsien Yang, Li Huanwu, got married to his male partner in a ceremony in Cape Town on Friday, 24th May. This was announced via the personal Instagram account of Heng Yirui, Huanwu’s male partner.

Li, a vice-president of a tech company, is the second son of Lee Hsien Yang, who is the younger brother of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Heng is a veterinarian. The couple also shared their wedding photos with the Pink Dot Singapore, and their photos was then shared on the Instagram accounts of Pink Dot Singapore.

Wonder what Lee Kuan Yew will make of this if he was still alive. But, if he was still alive, then uncle Pinky Loong won’t be so daring to be taking on his siblings on the their father’s will, would he?

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