Lee Hsien Yang Offered $20k To Help Activist Jolovan Wham In His Court Appeal

Singapore activist Jolovan Wham said that Lee Hsien Yang had offered 20,000 to help him with his lawsuit.

“My lawyers have informed me that they’ve put in 20k to the prosecutor’s account as security for costs. This is for my appeal against the high court decision which found me guilty of scandalising the judiciary. If I lose, I may not get the full deposit back. Justice is not cheap!”

Wham was fined for contempt of court after publishing a Facebook post which alleged that Malaysia’s lawmakers were more independent than Singapore’s.

He must be confident now that he has got LHY’s support. “Fortunately, the Prime Minister’s brother, Lee Hsien Yang reached out to me and offered to put up the security for costs on my behalf. I’m grateful to him for his generosity”.

The drama is real. What will Pinky Lee have to say to this?

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