PAP Getting Full On Ready For GE, Search For Next Candidates Have Started

The PAP have been reported in their mouthpiece, the Straits Times as having started their selection process for the next generation of Yes men and women to take on the role of PAP candidates in the coming General Election. In case Singaporeans are still in the dark, lately, there has been an increase in the door-to-door visits done by MPs to their residents houses, signalling the beginning of showing their faces for the coming Elections.

Of course, residents will only get this special treatment of actually having their MPs visiting their house, asking if everything is ok with the neighbourhood. This door-to-door visits will generally lessen in number, and in most cases not happen at all, one the PAP candidates have been voted in to Parliament. And usually during this door-to-door visit in the lead up to the GE, a potential candidate comes along with the incumbent MP, gets introduced to the residents, and by the end of the GE for that particular period, they will have a backdoor ride into Parliament, hanging on to the coat tails of the incumbent MPs in the GRC they will be fielded in.

So, the fact that the mouthpiece have announced that the selection process is currently underway, can only mean one thing. GE is coming real soon, and you can finally get to meet your MP right at your own doorsteps.

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