Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s First Meet The People Session Drew Massive Crowd, Proves That He Remains Popular Among Singaporeans

Dr Tan Cheng Bock will be leading his new political party called Progress Singapore Party (PSP). Like all other political parties, he will have regular Meet the People Sessions in order to listen to what Singaporeans have to say. His first MPS a few days ago has amassed more than 200 attendees, surpassing those of any MPS many Singaporeans have seen.

The attendees were invited after expressing interest in the event via a Facebook post. The scale of Dr Tan’s MPS proved that he remains a popular figure despite having lost in a Presidential Election.

The Pappies should be scared. Denying Dr Tan of chances to contest and slamming him left right centre will not help as Singaporeans will not waver in their support for the People’s President.

Dr Tan expressed that he wants to “hold these MPSs on a regular basis” and is grateful that many people wanted to attend. “The party is preparing for its official launch in June – more details will be forthcoming as we await the various official approvals. Thank you for your patience”.

Brace yourselves, a party is coming!

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