BMW Driver Caught Swapping Licence Plates In Malaysia Petrol Station

A man was caught red handed and shamed on photos circulated online over the weekend, that showed him swapping the licence plate of his gold-plated BMW at a petrol station in Malaysia. Online comments speculated that he did that to avoid paying fines or possibly even to avoid getting identified for traffic offences that he was going to commit over in Malaysia.

Photos showed the man swapping his black licence plate, that had the alphabets “SLX” on it, to a yellow one that has the numbers “2777” on it. Sharp eyed netizens claimed that the yellow plate licence was registered to a Hyundai car, which was confirmed on the LTA e-payment portal, One Motoring. The black plate, which was likely the real licence plate of the car, was registered for use with a BMW. Netizens also discovered that the yellow plate had two outstanding summonses, one issued two years ago, and one issued on the very day the photo was taken.

So, was the man sneakily trying to pass off his gold-plated BMW car as another Singapore registered car? Illegal use of a bogus licence plate is a violation in Singapore, and the culprit could be jailed for up to one year, or fined up to S$5,000. Perhaps sensing his ruse was discovered, the summonses for the Hyundai plate was immediately cleared the very next day. Will the authorities now take action against this man?

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