Red Cross Website Hacked, 4,297 SG Accounts Potentially Exposed

The Singapore Red Cross becomes the latest Singapore entity to have its website hacked, thus exposing potentially the data of about 4,297 potential Singaporean blood donors. The unauthorized access happened on May 8th, but the leak was only made public by the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) on 16 May.

A statement released by the SRC reported that the affected part of the website was a section dedicated to recruiting potential blood donors. Among the potential data leaked includes name, contact number, email address, and blood type. The SRC is currently contacting the affected individuals who might have their information leaked.

The statement also indicated that no other information was affected and the SRC’s other databases have not been compromised. A police report have been made, but initial findings indicate a “weak administrator password” that could have led to the unauthorised access. Currently, the SRC website have been disconnected from the internet and replaced with a temporary site with relevant links.

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