Indian FT Raped University Student Near Kranji War Memorial

An Indian national foreign worker will face a charge of aggravated rape after a female university student was reportedly attacked and raped somewhere in Kranji. The Indian national, Chinnaiah Karthik, 21, was alleged to have approached the 23 year old student along Turf Club Avenue at around 1.30am on May 4.

She tried to defend herself, but was overpowered by the stronger man who started attacking her. She was then dragged into a nearby forested area between the Singapore Turf Club and Kranji War Memorial, where she was then raped. Police identified the rapist via surveillance footage recorded in the area, including from a camera attached to a nearby lamp post. Police arrested the man the next day near his dormitory after a police ambush.

It was not clear whether the female student was jogging or walking back to her home late at night when the attack happened.

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