Singaporean Asks Govt To Bring Back Live Parliamentary Sessions

A local Singaporean has called once again for the government to bring back Live telecasts of the Parliamentary sessions, about 18 months after WP’s Leon Perera and PAP’s Chee Hong Tat clashed over this issue. The call comes in a forum letter that was published on the Straits Times.

The letter writer, Mr Pavithran Vidyadharan, noted that Live Parliamentary sessions were broadcast previously to all Singaporeans, but it was suddenly ceased for unknown reasons. Now, Singaporeans can only get to watch snippets and heavily edited versions of a Parliamentary session. He reasoned that by having the Live broadcast, Singaporeans can see for themselves what is happening and what are being debated, so they can be more well-informed of issues affecting them.

Chee, in his reply to Leon Perera in their heated discussion about the Live telecasts, had said that there is no great demand for a live feed and that there is no need to look for imaginary problems when no problems exist and when the status quo has worked well so far. Quite how he came to this conclusion, no one knows.

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