Fans Of Heavy Metal Bands Watch Out! Watain Petition Creator Lists More Upcoming Concerts To Ban

The woman behind the Watian petition that eventually got them banned from performing their concert in SG just one day before they are due to perform, is at it again. She has updated her petition on Monday May 13th, titled More extreme (death and black) metal bands scheduled to perform in Singapore”.

The woman, Rachel Chan, named Dutch metal band Pestilence, Metal United World Wide which is a concert featuring eight metal bands and Canadian death metal band Crytopsy. The concerts are due to take place on the 7th June, 15th June, and 5th July. Chan has called on the Singapore public to email their concerns over the heavy metal bands concerts to the government feedback channel and also to copy their email to the Prime Minister’s Office.
The last time Chan called for a petition, an 11th hour ban was imposed on the Swedish black metal band Watain. Even the Law and Home Affairs Minister had to step in, commenting then that allowing Watain’s concert to be held will be “against public order interest” and “affect our religious and social harmony”.

No news yet if IMDA or the Singapore authorities will ban the other metal bands scheduled to have a concert here in SG. If they do, then we do know what kind of pressure they will bow under.

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