Marathon Dispute Intensifies As Soh Rui Yong Sued For $120K By Teammate

Teammates and Singapore marathon champions Soh Rui Yong and Ashley Liew has intensified, as Liew has just sued Soh for damages of up to $120,000 in monetary damages, over a contested act of sportsmanship.

Liew demanded the amount in liew of Soh making defamatory comments on Liew, as well as for him to remove all false public statement and make an apology. All this came about after Soh disputed Liew’s account of events in the 2015 men’s Marathon SEA Games final. In a widely publicised incident, Mr Liew said he had slowed down to allow other runners in the event to catch up after they missed a U-turn and took the wrong path. Mr Soh won the race. This also led to Liew winning the Pierre de Coubertin World Fair Play Trophy which is a global prize for good sportsmanship.

However, Soh had counter claimed that Liew did not slow down during the marathon race to allow his rivals to catch up. The SNOC had also asked Soh in April to retract his statement. Looks like this could be the one race that Soh cannot last the distance and win.

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