Low Thia Khiang: Real Aim Of Fake News Law Is For PAP To Have Political Monopoly

Opposition leader and veteran Parliamentarian Low Thia Khiang asserted his and his party’s views in Parliament on the Fake News Law. He said that the “real aim” of the government in proposing such laws “is to protect the ruling party and achieve political monopoly.”

He also opined that this will give back the PAP the power it had over Singaporeans during the pre-internet days, where citizens have an inherent sense of fear of speaking out against the government. Asserting that the proposed law seems to come with a hidden agenda and that it is a ploy by the government to solidify its grip on “absolute power”. Low acknowledged that POFMA is needed to tackle fake news in Singapore, as they can tackle online falsehoods which undermines society, racial harmony and the outcome of elections, but the way the POFMA was drafted where it gives the Ministers broad powers can easily be misused and manipulated against any voice of dissent of the government.

He also gave his concerns to the broad definition on online falsehoods in the law, and said once again, this can be used to suit the government.

No matter what Opposition MPs are going to say, or even the average Singaporeans’s feelings towards this new law, it is all moot point now The law has been passed, and once again, the PAP gets their way.

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