Shanmugam Finally Speaks Out, Says Nicholas Lim Is On Thin Ice

Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam has always been very quick to offer his views on social media or to the main stream media on things that are the talking point in Singapore that carries a legal implication. He was quick to have his say on the driver who exposed his ride with PM Lee’s son, indicating that what he did endangers the life of his VIP passenger.

He was also quick to laugh off the guy who commented jokingly he wanted to throw eggs at Shanmugam, by indicating that this was a joke that was not well received, but also quick to point out the man’s transgressions of drug abuse. And again, he was quick off the blocks in commenting on the Fake News law, stating this can only be good for Singaporeans. But he was nowhere to be heard on the Monica Baey case, in which she was filmed showering in NUS, and her perpetrator, Nicholas Lim, only got a slap on the wrist as his punishment.

However, Shanmugam have finally spoken out, after the issue has arguably blown over. He stated in Parliament that Nicholis Lim is walking on thin ice, and he did not escape any punishment. One more strike, and the Law will come down on him hard. Right. Tell that to Monica, whose carrying on her life knowing the man who filmed her showering will get back to studying at NUS with no criminal records attached to his name. In fact, if Monica had not gone public on the case, nobody would have known who Nicholas Lim was, and what vile act he did.

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