Rats Having Buffet At Ang Mo Kio Rubbish Bin, Is This What S’poreans Get For Paying Conservancy Charges?

Our clean and green Singapore is turning into a myth. A passer-by posted a shocking footage of rats feasting by a rubbish bin at Ang Mo Kio.

The rubbish bin looked like it was near a residential area and was overflowing with rubbish. Unwanted bags of food and other items were lying around beside the bin because it was too full. It was the perfect opportunity for rats to attack everything inside the bin. Soon, there were a few of them scurrying around the area.

This is not the first time residents have seen rats having a feast in their neighbourhoods. A few weeks ago, someone else took a video of rats rummaging through a rubbish bin at Pasir Ris.

Singaporeans pay for conservancy and maintenance charges regularly, but is this what we get? What are the authorities doing? Singaporeans are comfortable not having to live in lavish houses but the gov should at least perform their basic duties and help keep the place clean right?

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