FT Horrified After Restaurant Served Him Cockroach, Demanded Authorities To Take Action

A FT and his family was dining at Georges Beach Club at East Coast when they found a cockroach in their food. He submitted a complaint to the Singapore Food Agency’s page but was merely asked to submit another feedback online.

The man was sickened by the encounter and said that he will never go back to that restaurant again: “My wife and I were absolutely appalled and disgusted to find a cockroach in our meal at George’s Beach Club earlier this evening. This is by far the most disgusting experience you could imagine when eating out as a family, and never in my life have I had to think this could happen when eating out somewhere in Singapore, where I have lived for almost 9 years”.

He added that the staff at Georges Beach Club should be ashamed of themselves for not maintaining proper hygiene. He warned that he will let everyone in his personal and professional network know about this, whether the SFA takes action or not.

The restaurant has not issued a public apology. What are they waiting for?

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