Attack Dogs Sent Out, Edwin Tong Says Most Citizens Want Strong Laws In Defending POFMA

Senior Minister of State For Law, Edwin Tong has come forward to defend POFMA against what appears to be attacks, in his own words, from “a small group crying wolf.” This was in reference to online criticism of the POFMA, or the Fake News Bill.

Tong Said that only a certain small group of people are against the Fake News Bill that the government is pushing to make into Law, and that the majority of Singaporeans are for the Bill to be introduced. he did not say how he derived his figures from, but thin air from a member of the ruling party is never fake news. Tong has also apparently made his remarks in a newspaper column, aimed at rebutting the points made by Asia Internet Coalition (AIC) against the POFMA.

It is official then. Before POFMA passes into Law, the attacks must first take place to blunt those dissenting voices. Fake News law, whether Singaporeans like it or not, are going to be the Police of our social media activities.

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