PM To Be Heng Says Govt And People Should Work Hand In Hand To Move SG Forward

Newly appointed DPM and PM-in-waiting Heng Swee Keat says that he is contemplating whether or not Singapore should continue with the very “constructive politics” that have been employed for the past 50 years. He also said that global and tech savvy Singaporeans represents the way forward and that the government will do well to harness these talent in order to move Singapore forward into the future.

These views were expressed during his first ever interview as a Deputy PM, and gives an insight to his thinking to the future of Singapore and how his leadership will take shape. Heng is anticipated by almost all Singaporeans to be the next PM of Singapore, once PM Lee decide enough is enough and steps down.

First of all, there is no need for Heng to contemplate on the “constructive politics” he is referring to. For once, this kind of politics have kept his party in power for all of Singapore’s independence, and has managed to keep any opposition threat to the seat of power at arm’s length, so of course they will continue with this politics. After all, Heng would not want to be the man that was leader when the Whites lost power, would he? He wouldn’t want to be in the same shoes as Najib Razak, and he surely would have learnt from that particular lesson.

And of course he would have to say he wants Singaporeans engaged with the government in order to bring Singapore into the future. After all, the Government does not just come up with new Bill, and push it through as Law without getting feedback from Singaporeans, right? What’s that? Fake News Law?

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