COI Blames Aloysius Pang’s Death On Aloysius Pang

A Committee of Inquiry, which was set up by the SAF to investigate the death of Singapore celebrity Aloysius Pang while undergoing his Reservist duties in New Zealand, have found that all three Servicemen who were inside the Howitzer cabin when the accident happened at fault.

The independent COI’s findings were laid out in Parliament by Defence Minister Ng Eng Han. The COI findings indicate that the three servicemen, including Pang, were to blame for the accident as they did not follow safety protocols. The findings even reenacted the chain of events, including placing Pang in the no safe zone as the barrel was lowered, and revealing that he had told the two other servicemen the barrel would not hit him when told to move. The findings also indicated that as things went wrong, and Pang was being crushed, the two other servicemen instead of pushing the emergency stop button had actually acted irrationally, with one trying to push the barrel away from Pang, while the other tried to stop the barrel using the main control instead of the emergency stop button.

So basically, the COI have come to the conclusion that all three servicemen did not follow safety protocol, and that they were to blame for the fatal accident, and not SAF. And Aloysius Pang was to blame as much as the other two servicemen for his own death.

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