MOM Online Service Fail, As Foreign Workers Can Register Jurong West Condo Address As Their Own

Residents of a Jurong West condominium have been left shocked and angry when they found out that their own Jurong West condominium have been registered to foreign workers as tenants, without their knowledge. The residents are now seeking answers from MOM over this very damaging process on MOM’s part.

Those whose home address were used as the foreign workers’ registered address have raised concern over being taxed for rental income despite not renting out their units, and also fear that their condo units can be taken back by authorities if these unknown foreign workers get into trouble with the law. All of this started when one resident of the condo went online to the MOM’s Foreign Worker Tenant Enquiry Service earlier this month and found that five strangers were registered as tenants in his apartment. He has never rented out his unit. The resident then made a Facebook post warning others about this. About 10 residents of the condo have since said they found the same thing about their unit too.

MOM, in its replies to queries from residents said that the online service is not fully rolled out yet, and that residents will be notified via SMS or email alerts when their address is registered as a foreign worker’s unit of stay. No word on why the issue has airsen for the Jurong West condo residents, and what the steps taken to prevent such false reporting of addresses.

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