Pritam Singh: SGreans Need To Talk, Participate, Organise And Take Charge

Opposition party MP, Pritam Singh, have called on Singaporeans to play their part offline, and not just be an online vigilante, in the wake of the Monica Baey incident. Pritam said that instead of just making their views heard online, Singaporeans should play their part in bringing such issues to a stop.

He also hopes that Singaporeans can “participate, organise and take charge” so that Singapore can become a better, more cohesive nation than it is today. However, speaking as a lawyer, Pritam said that the punishment meted out to Nicholas Lim was reasonable, as the facts and circumstances as presented by the Police means that a 12 month conditional warning to the peeping tom was fair.

But Pritam also calls on Singaporeans to not wait for others to stand up and make a difference. He encourages everyone to be a difference maker, and that we need to speak up whenever we feel that something is not right. He said that we should not wait for a Monica Baey to stand up for herself before something is done. Only when all Singaporeans participate and take charge will we make a better Singapore.

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