PM Lee Says Fake News Must Be Curbed Before It Affects Society, Says Nothing About Charles Chong Spreading Rumours In Punggol

PM Lee has come out strongly about what he feels on Fake News, by saying that although there is a wide scope for discourse in Singapore, fake news is a distinct and specific problem that must be curbed before it affects society.

The government, of course, introduced this proposed legislation early in April, and it is expected to be passed in Parliament when the House next sits on Monday. This is also timed perfectly to meet the next General Election timeline. In fact, PM Lee used the 2016 US Presidential Election as an example, where the Americans said Russia interfered in via the spreading of fake news, which the Russians have time and again denied. All this point towards Singapore’s own move in the fake news legislation, where observers might say this move is planned to coincide with the next GE.

PM Lee though, never mentioned anything about Charles Chong proclaiming that millions of dollars in WP accounts for the Punggol SMC went missing, and that was not substantiated with hard facts. In fact, since Charles Chong won back Punggol SMC, his claims had never been proven, nor had the new Punggol SMC management commenced any legal proceedings against the claims of loss money. So was this fake news, and if this is fake news, is Charles Chong getting away with it?

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