Jolovan Wham And SDP’s John Tan Fined $5K Each For Contempt Of Court

Civil activist Jolovan Wham and SDP’s John Tan were each fined $5,000 on Monday with what the authorities called as scandalizing the judiciary via separate Facebook posts. The judge who handed down the punishment also said that Wham did not show any remorse, as he refused to remove the offending post, as well as refusing to apologise when he was convicted last October.

As for Tan, he had criticised the AGC for their actions against Wham, but as he was a repeat offender who refuses to shut his mouth like the authorities demanded, he was also fined. Tan did remove his post after he was convicted, but the judge still found it not enough, as he said this was not a apology nor a reflection of remorse. Quite how the judge concluded this, was not made known, but instead the judge said that it was an eleventh hour attempt to avoid a fine. Apart from their fines, both Wham and Tan were ordered to pay legal costs to the AGC.

Both men will be appealing their sentences. The case again highlighted that it is not cheap to go up against the Courts, nor will you ever be likely to win despite assurances from the authorities in the wake of the fake news legislation.

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