Singaporeans Hold Hong Lim Park Speeches & Gather Signatures Against Fake News Bill, But Will They Make A Difference?

There will be an event at Hong Lim Park today to discuss Singaporeans’ concerns about the fake news bill. Some of the speakers include Leong Sze Hian, James Gomez and Brad Bowyer.

Over the past weeks, Singaporeans have voiced their unhappiness about the proposed fake news law. Some civil rights groups and journalists have signed a document calling for the withdrawal of the bill as it stifles freedom of speech and makes the already tough job of reporters even tougher:

“Action to address misinformation and disinformation should not take the form of the very broad powers of censorship set out in the Bill, which lacks robust safeguards to limit their use. In our view, by empowering a government to silence critical voices, the law, if enacted, will promote fear and distrust. Like the ‘fake news’ it is said to combat, it would undermine healthy debate and public confidence in our common institutions”.

Whenever there is a change, it is for the worst. This time, they are out to silence Singaporeans. They never bother to give us more freedom or consult citizens before making important decisions.

When Singaporeans are frustrated, we resort to holding events, giving speeches, making angry posts on social media and signing petitions. Will that be enough to make the government stop or will they say “noted with thanks” and brush off our concerns?

They are wrong to think that it is for Singaporeans’ best interests and they fail to recognise the effort people put in to make their voices heard.

If the elites do not wake up and start listening to what people have to say, then it is time Singaporeans wake up themselves and make a difference in the next election.

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