NUS Students Unhappy At Farcical Town Hall Meeting On Sexual Misconduct

NUS students have cried foul over the Town Hall meeting organised hastily by NUS to address the sexual misconduct case where most said NUS had failed in its handling of the perpetrator and victim. Students and netizens alike have called NUS’ punishment of Nicholas Lim, who had videoed Ms Monica Baey while she was in the shower as inadequate.

Lim was suspended for a semester and banned from entering Eusof Hall where he carried out his actions on Ms Baey. But calls for a tougher punishment, and questions as to why NUS failed to act until the issue became viral online were high on everyone’s mind. But the town hall meeting only had time for the NUS to issue an unreserved apology to Ms Baey, and admitted that they should have handled the case better, and should have offered more support to Ms Baey.

Ms Baey was also in attendance, and she addressed the Town Hall meeting, and called for better victim support and training for NUS staff who handles such matters. However, those present felt that the Town Hall meeting was more for NUS to come out in public to show that it cared, and to show that they were truly sorry to Ms Baey, but was not a platform for students to actually air their concerns. They were even told to email their questions as the panel had another meeting to attend to. The panel itself did not have members of the NUS review committee on sexual misconduct to address the issues.

Students felt that the meeting was thus just a waste of time, as it was only to showcase to the media that NUS cared, without actually listening to their students’ concerns.

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