LTA To Update MRT Maps After Netizens Praised Cliff Tan’s Version

Most recently, Singaporeans have been impressed with former Singaporean Cliff Tan, who came up with a map design of the MRT system that is not linear and rigid. Most have also called on LTA to update their map design with that of Cliff Tan’s, as the LTA ones are in straight lines and uses 45 degree angles.

Tan had said that he had spent a good few months to do up the map, researching and designing the MRT Map. LTA had also acknowledged Tan’s map, and even called for him to join in as a Friend of LTA. And they have also now announced that they are doing an update of the map, due for roll out by end of the year. This will coincide with the opening of the Canberra Station due in December 2019, and the first stage of the Thomson East Coast Line.

Will LTA incorporate Tan’s idea into their updated map? Or will they just stick with their boring linear map?

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