NUS Student Nicholas Lim Allegedly Apologized For Sexual Misconduct, Prepared To Face Consequences

Following public furore over the NUS saga, Instagram user @flyingcorgi_ posted a statement on behalf of the perpetrator, Nicholas Lim. He claimed that he is communicating with Lim but does not want to reveal his identity.

Lim was slammed by netters for being leniently let off by NUS after he was caught filming a female student in the shower.

From the statement, Lim apologised for causing everyone distress with his “reprehensible actions”. He said that he is ashamed of his stupidity and will face whatever consequences that will come. He hoped that Monica and her family will find closure from the trauma that he has caused. The statement in full goes like this:

“For the past few months, I’ve been overcome with shame and regret. It was no small mistake, but a stupid act done in a moment of folly to satiate my voyeuristic fetish. I’m truly sorry for my reprehensible actions and sincerely apologize to anyone I’ve caused distress to. There’s no excuse for what I’ve done. I urge sexual harassment victims with similar stories like Monica to step forward and seek legal recourse for there’s no shame on doing so. I will face whatever consequences are meted out and hope that this will give Monica and her loved ones some closure. I’ve since resigned from Great Eastern and been keeping out of the public eye to protect myself and those close to me. Once again, no words can mitigate the trauma that I have caused Monica since that day”.

Will Singaporeans, like NUS, be kind enough to give someone like him a second chance?

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