Another Woman Speaks Out: I Was Filmed In The Shower By A Man I Considered A Friend

Another woman has come out to talk about her trauma after she was filmed in the shower by a man. She was inspired by NUS undergraduate Monica Baey’s bravery in speaking out against her perpetrator and thought she should also voice her grievances.

She claimed that she was secretly filmed by a man who had been her good friend for years. He is a photographer who does photoshoots for models. It is on the account of their friendship that she felt more lost, confused and traumatized after getting betrayed.

“I could not be myself anymore since it happened. I was too lost, confused and depressed for a Long period of time partially because it was done by a close good Friend I trusted. We have a good friendship of 3 years until this happened.

I have been suffering from daily nightmares, anxiety stomaches, insonmias, horrible flashback of the incident. In general, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)”.

Unfortunately for her, she did not manage to get evidence against the man and let him get away in the end.

After reading Baey’s account, she wanted to post her experience to let the public know that these incidents are common. “There are many more people doing this, it’s just that most of us will keep it quiet. It’s not something to be proud of”.

She warned women to be careful of their surroundings and not to keep quiet like her. She is still reeling from the incident months after it had happened.

Members of the public who want to help her may provide her the contact details of good counsellors who can lend her more support in her tough times.

It is sad that these things are occurring more often but worse when the perpetrators are let off the hook o easily. What exactly are the authorities doing?

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