Gerald Giam: MSM Focus On Victim And Pushing Blame To NUS Wrong On So Many Levels

Workers’ Party Gerald Giam has come out strongly in social media slamming what most Singaporeans already know, that the issue of the Peeping Tom of NUS is manifestly wrong on all levels. Just yesterday, Education Minister Ong Ye Kung had said in his Facebook post that NUS policy of two strikes and you are out is is wrong, and NUS punishment in the issue is manifestly inadequate.

However, Giam slammed the notion, and thus Ong’s statement, by countering that the 12 month conditional warning for the perpetrator in what is a proven outrage of modesty case is what is manifestly inadequate. Giam said he is baffled that discussions on local media is centred on whether NUS should take a tougher stand, when the real issue is that the Police and AGC had bottled their decision in the first place.

Giam also took offence on how the local media keep their focus on the victim, so much so that the victim’s name and photos are splashed everywhere, and that everyone knows that it was her who was filmed showering, but yet the name of the perpetrator is not mentioned and his photos are not splashed in the papers. He ended his post by saying “This is wrong on so many levels”

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