NUS Bows To Public Pressure, Organize Townhall Meeting To Address Concerns

The NUS have finally caved in to public pressure, and have announced that they are organizing a townhall meeting on Thursday 25th April to address concerns and gather feedback on their disciplinary and support mechanisms in the wake of the Peeping Tom saga. The saga became viral when the victim spoke out on how the perverted peeping Tom got away with just a 12 month conditional warning and a semester of suspension even after he was caught red-handed filming her showering in the hostel bathroom.

NUS also announced via a circular sent to all its students, faculty and staff that they will share their investigation and disciplinary framework in cases of sexual misconduct. All this amidst a very public petition signed by hundreds of people to demand that the punishment meted out to the pervert be more strict, as most felt that he had gotten away with a heinous crime.

Netizens also pointed out that some other similar cases ended with the sexual predators jailed. Some also questioned whether the fact that this particular case had a less severe punishment was because the sexual pervert was hiding behind his strong family ties. NUS has a lot to answer for.

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