E-Scooter Rider Rides Into 3 year Old At Orchard, Police Investigating

The police have confirmed that they are investigating a case where an e-scooter rider allegedly hit a three year old child along Orchard Road on Friday evening. Videos shared online showed the e-scooter rider in a confrontation with the kid’s father.

In the video, a group of women were tending to a child, while a man, believed to be a father was challenging an e-scooter rider to a fight. A woman was seen trying to quieten the angry man down, while another man was standing between the e-scooter rider and the angry man as the peacemaker. The father was hurling vulgarities at the rider, and was even alleged to have thrown a punch to the rider after he had hit the little boy. It was believed the rider was a Deliveroo delivery guy. The rider further angers the father as he was heard saying the father should have taken care of his son better to prevent the accident.

Police confirmed that police reports have been made, and they are investigating. It was believed the father made the police report. Deliveroo also issued a statement saying they areinvestigating the incident, and will to hesitate to terminate the rider’s contract if he was found to be at fault.

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