NUS Allegedly Told Student To Keep Quiet About Pervert Who Filmed Her Shower

A man was allegedly let off by the police with a 12 month conditional warning after being caught for recording a woman in the shower. The victim is a NUS undergrad who found a recording device in her Hall’s shower.

Although she reported it to the police, she felt that she was shortchanged as the school had told her to keep things quiet after getting him to write her an apology letter.

From her Instagram posts, it is not the first time the incident has happened and the perpetrators were often let off leniently. She said that people like him do not deserve second chances as they will only think it is easier for them to commit the same offence again.

“There are so many stories of NUS students being violated, but they’re just told to keep it quiet and move on, and the perpetrators are allowed to continue their education”. Why?

It is disgraceful and unbecoming of a school to tell its students to take things lying down when they have been taken advantage of. Why keep quiet when they can seek justice for themselves? Is this the best an internationally-recognised institution like NUS can think of?

“While not much can be done with regard to the police, what you can do is write to NUS, a university that prides itself on being a ‘global institution’, and tell them that it is completely unacceptable to protect violators, and worse to force victims to continue going to school knowing their violators have gotten away scot-free. There needs to be better redress than a frankly lousy apology letter shorter than my thesis abstract.

There needs to be external pressure on NUS to get them to take action and stop this from happening again. I’m ashamed to say I’m from this disgrace of a university”.

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