Internet Praised Woman For Fighting Back After Crazy Security Guard Caused Commotion At Coffeeshop

A video of a crazy security guard is going viral in Singapore. The man was spotted shouting and confronting several people in a coffeeshop although it was unclear what he was angry about. The commotion lasted for quite a while and people were trying to mind their own business.

The climax came when he was so angry he took it out on the table beside him, where a couple was trying to eat in peace. The crazy man had attempted to flip their table in a fit of anger.

The woman who was taking it all in could not stand it any longer. She immediately stood up and started shouting at him, which did not make the man any calmer as he was angry to be scolded vulgarities. Seeing how brazen he was, the woman tried to throw a chair and a cup of water at him.

The police finally arrived after a good few minutes. Netters were in praise of how the woman was brave enough to defend herself and fight back. On the other hand, they scolded the young security guard for being rash and unreasonable.

Till now, nobody knows what caused him to be so agitated but regardless of that, he should not have acted in that way. Is this how a security guard should behave? Who will trust him to ensure their safety when he is the one who threatens it in the first place?

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