Avoid Botanic Gardens On April 20, Nas Daily Having First SG Meet-Up There

We all know by now that Singapore’s favourite (Not!) personality Nas Daily has landed in Singapore with his girlfriend on 17 April, and his permanent stay in Singapore has officially begun. Now that he is here, meet-ups with him and his fans (?) will be a common thing.

So it is no surprise then to learn that his first ever meet-up in Singapore is scheduled to take place at the Botanic Gardens on the 20th April. He has reserved a huge patch of lawn, and as the usual with Nas Daily, he will make a video with everyone assembled there.

Surprisingly or not, 3,000 people have already committed to being there this Saturday. So, if you are a big fan for nothing to do with Nas Daily, you will be best advised to avoid the area. Maybe go to Jewel and queue for A&W food instead.

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