Woman Posted Video Of Severe Water Leakage In Her Flat After HDB Plumbers Refused To Solve The Problem

A woman who experienced very bad water leakage in her bedroom toilet has been looking for plumbers to solve her problem, but to no avail. She said that she approached both private plumbers and those from HDB. None of them bothered to look into it.

She took a video showing her flooded house and the source of the water leakage, which she claimed to be the concealed water pipes in her toilet.

The first plumber she contacted told her that he did not know how to fix it and insisted on collecting full payment because he made the trip down.

“Then I contacted HDB for help but the plumbers they engaged refuses to work. After I called after weeks and the leakage worsens, they sent some workers down but they only watched the leakage and then said they going for lunch and will be back, but disappear”.

The leakage looked serious in the video. If this continues, she will not be able to live there in peace.

Where is HDB when Singaporeans need help? Is she supposed to fix the problem herself?

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