STR’s Alex Tan Just Appointed Himself As Leader Of All Opposition Parties

States Times Review and Singapore Herald’s Alex Tan announced that he will be appointing himself as the Strategy Leader of all opposition parties in Singapore. To prepare for the next General Election, Alex Tan said that he will singlehandedly take it upon himself to prevent any 3-cornered fights and make PAP fall.

“As Strategy Leader, I will ensure there will be no three-corner fights and it will be a straight contest between the ruling party PAP and the public’s preferred opposition party.

Opposition parties that has been endorsed by the public will get my support buffs, while those who insist on contesting will get my debuffs”.

There will be consequences for candidates who do not take him seriously. He promised to publish politically-damaging news if anyone refuses to withdraw from a 3-cornered fight. He is sure that he can make them lose their electoral deposit and political future.

Opposition politicians must be very scared of losing money. What do they have to say about his ownself appoint ownself strategy?

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