Goh Meng Seng: Goerge Yeo Key To PAP Winning Back Aljunied

Opposition leader Goh Meng Seng has said that former Minister and MP for Aljunied, George Yeo, is key for the PAP to win back the Aljunied GRC from WP. Yeo was in the PAP team that was sensationally beaten in the 2011 GE by WP for the Aljunied GRC ward, and has since taken a backseat away from the political limelight.

Yeo had served in various Ministries as a Minister before the 20111 defeat, his last portfolio being that of Foreign Affairs Minister. Yeo had also teased in 2011 about joining in the Presidential elections, but in the end, he did not contest, and stepped out of politics altogether in 2012 to return to the private sector. However, on 12 April 2019, Yeo announced in Kerry Logistics Networks’s AGM, of which he is the Chairman and Executive Director, that he was stepping down, citing more time to spend with family and to pursue other interests as his main reasons.

However, analysts say the timing is just too near for the net GE for this to be mere coincidence, and that maybe a return to politics is on the cards. This was when Goh Meng Seng wrote in his Facebook post that the time was ripe for Yeo to return to PAP and spearhead their assault on winning back Aljunied GRC, what with the WP embroiled in court cases over their handling of the Town Council there. In fact, back in February, former PM Goh Chok Tong even went as far as announcing that Yeo is back with the Aljunied team, and that he is fighting fit.

A possible return on the cards then for the PAP to complete their almost ten year process of winning back Aljunied. Paint the opposition in bad light, and bring back a saviour to save the slum and make Aljunied great again.

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