Faulty Sprinkler At Terminal 1 Cause Of Water Leak At Changi’s Crown Jewel

Jewel Changi Airport have moved to quickly offer a reason of why there was a water leak seen at Singapore’s newest crown jewel. Videos of the water leak at Jewel have been shared widely on social media platforms that shows water gushing out of a ceiling at one of Jewel’s shops.

The reason for the water leak is given as a faulty sprinkler, all the way from Changi’s Terminal 1 Arrival Hall, although it was not known how the water leak went all the way to Jewel. The affected shop was unoccupied, and based on reports, the issue was quickly attended to and the leak has been resolved.

Jewel is located right next to Terminal 1, at the very spot where the open air carpark used to be. The Jewel will be fully opened to the public this Wednesday.

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