2.59m Singaporeans Eligible To Vote, 80,000 More Than In 2017

The latest updated rolls of eligible voters of Singaporeans eligible to vote in the next general election are now open for public inspection, and it has transpired that there are now a total of 2,594,740 electors in the Registers of Electors. This was announced by the Elections Department, the supposedly independent government agency.

The number represents an increase of 80,000 eligible voters when the registers were last revised in 2017. It was not made known where the 80,000 new voters came from, but it is usually numbers of voters who had turned 21 since the last revision, or possibly newly minted Singaporeans who were given their citizenship since 2017.

it would not be a surprise to see that of the 80,000 newly eligible voters, the majority are of new citizens, although this cannot be proven as the elections Department did not release the breakdown of the numbers.

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