S’porean Woman Unhappy With SQ For Denying To Cater To Son’s Food Allergy

A Singaporean woman was unhappy with the service standards of Singapore Airlines. She and her family had paid more for Business Class so that they can enjoy a better, smoother journey but was treated to a rude surprise.

The mother had special requests for her son’s in-flight meal as he had severe food allergies. “For his every flight, I have painstakingly called in to ensure that he has his gluten free, egg free and buckwheat free meals”.

For this flight, she was asked to send the airlines a doctor’s memo, which she did. “After at least 4 phone calls and 2 emails, SQ did not prepare his food for his 8 hour flight to Sydney!”

In the end, one of the staff on board had to bring one of the parents out of the plane so that he can buy a takeaway for his son.

“It is one thing that the airline wants to screen out absurd dietary requests, but in my son’s case, you should know that it is a genuine request and must be acceded to! I have been told that someone will write to me with an explanation of what went wrong. But I have waited for 2 weeks, too long too late…

We are sadly going to fly with another airline for our next family holiday since the world’s best airline isn’t taking us seriously.”

The woman and her family were loyal supporters of Singapore Airlines. It is too bad the latter did not appreciate it.

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