Lee Hsien Yang: AG Filed More Than 500 Pages Of Complaint Against My Wife!

The AG has filed more than 500 pages worth of complaints against Lee Suet Fern. She faces possible professional misconduct for her involvement in preparing LKY’s will when her husband was one of the beneficiaries.

From Lee Hsien Yang’s post, the complaints contained many allegations that LHL made in the past “to the once secret ministerial committee”.

LHY indicated that it was unfair to him and his sister, Lee Wei Ling, as Brother Loong has never voiced his displeasure or discussed things with them. “If Loong had issues with our father’s will, he never saw fit to take these up with our father nor sat down to discuss with my sister and me. Advised by his then-personal lawyer, Lucien Wong, Loong has also not personally lodged any complaint all these years”.

So why cook up a fuss now? Why does he have to bring their famiLEE dispute and lay it out to the whole world? Does he not see it as a waste of public resources? Has he spared a thought for Singaporeans who cannot be bothered about their drama?

Unfortunately for many, the drama goes on. Lee Suet Fern’s lawyers have also submitted her Defence.

To be continued…

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