Former Religious Teacher Jailed For Molesting Woman While Trying To Cure Her From Black Magic

A former religious teacher has been jailed 16 months for molesting a woman. He was accredited under the Asatizah Recognition Scheme (ARS) but has since been removed from the register. MUIS has also stated that his actions were not in accordance with the law and religious teachings.

Prior to this, the 73-year-old religious teacher had carried out religious lessons in several mosques in Singapore. The woman was his family friend and attended his classes every weekend. There were only two women in his class.

Once, he told her that she was under black magic and assured her that he had a cure. He told the woman that she would be able to conceive after he cured her.

He then told the other student to leave the room while he got her to strip off her top and molested her. The woman was shocked but continued to listen to the rest of his lesson. She only made a report after realising that she had really been taken advantage of.

Both the names of the offender and the victim were not revealed to protect the woman’s identity.

The man will not be able to conduct any more classes in Singapore.

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