Bangladeshi Worker Cheated By Employer, Posted Heartfelt Video To Thank S’poreans For Helping To Crowdfund For His Debts

Bangladeshi Rajib came to Singapore to work a few years ago in hopes of earning enough money for his family back home. His dream was crushed and he found out that everything his employer had promised him was fake.

“The job scope and salary were completely different from what he said, and there were no OT pay, and work continues on public holiday”.

It does not help that he took a $8000 loan in order to come to Singapore. What came next made it worst for Rajib. He was unfortunately reported to the police for something he had allegedly not done. It took him a painful 3 years to clear his name and in the midst of it all, nobody wanted to hire him.

His debts piled up. He tried looking to the MOM for help but to no avail. He is now left with an amount that he cannot possibly pay up.

“When I first came to Singapore to work, I promised my father that I will come here, work hard, earn money, and take care of them like how they did for me. Instead, I’ve caused my family to suffer, and although I don’t blame anyone for what happened, I feel like I’ve failed my father and family”.

With 2 weeks left on his special pass, he continues to look for new opportunities as he is afraid to go back home to face the music.

His story, which was posted on social media, quickly got viral and attracted people’s attention. Some Singaporeans have expressed intentions to help him crowdfund and find a job. There is now a campaign for people to contribute.

Touched by the kind gesture, Rajib thanked Singaporeans in a heartfelt video for helping him settle his debts. He has conveyed the good news to his family and said that he will pray for Singaporeans.

Happy ending!

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