SDP Regrets Appeal Court’s Decision, Urged S’poreans To Support Them To Better Safeguard Their Interests

The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) expressed regret at the Court of Appeal’s decision. It dismissed Dr Wong Souk Yee’s appeal against the High Court that there was no need for a by-election when former PAP MP Halimah Yacob vacated her seat in the Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC.

She left her position as MP before becoming President in 2017. However, no by-election was called for someone else to replace her.

The SDP sounded that the verdict is very troubling. “Singaporeans should be able to expect that each and every MP who vacates his or her seat should be replaced by an election. This is the bedrock upon which democracy is built.

Without such a practice, the ruling party can craft legislation at will to undermine the very spirit of parliamentary representation and render such a system utterly meaningless.”

The party will continue to discuss how to proceed as this matter deserves serious consideration. The Court of Appeal’s decision has caused them to lose faith in the system. The only solution, according to the SDP, is for Singaporeans to gather more support so that it can fight and protect everyone’s interests.

What a sad state of the nation. Let’s hope it will only get better?

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