Man Caught On Video Disrupting Coffeeshop Worker’s Dinner And Scolding Him For Being Low Class

A Chinese man was seen shouting at a coffeeshop worker in a viral video today. Nobody knows what triggered the man to make him scold the worker as being low class. At one point, he even scolded him for eating his late dinner.

The incident happened at a coffeeshop in Jurong West.

Netters speculate that the “victim” is a PRC worker who tends to the minced meat and mushroom noodles stall there. He did not retaliate and simply laughed off the man’s actions. Lucky for him, the man did not barge into the stall to fight him. The video ended with him walking away to the next stall to get a drink.

What caused the man to be so angry? Even if he was pissed off, was there a good reason to scold someone for being low class?

He may think that he is very high class but scolding someone like that only proves the opposite. So shameful! Faster finish your drink then go home la.

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