Man Secretly Filmed 2 Other Men Having Sex With Him, Then Threatens To Expose Them

A Nigerian man have been sentenced to one year in jail for two acts of secretly filming other men performing a sex act on him, and than subsequently demanding money from the men. Okereke Ransom Okechukwu, 34, a Nigerian national, had met both men via Grindr, a dating app for men.

Hos two victims were a 36 year old Singapore PR and a 32 year old Australian man. Ransom’s modus operandi was the same, he would get to to know the men on Grindr, then met them for sex on separate days . While the men was performing sex acts on him, he will take out his mobile phone and gave an excuse he wanted to watch porn while the sex act was performed on him, but will begin secretly taking a video of the act. Once the men are done, ransom would demand the men gave him a certain amount of money, or he will expose them.

The Singaporean PR gave him $200, and when Ransom demanded more, the man called the police. Ransom ran away, and while police investigations were underway, Ransom targeted his Australian victim. Again, he asked for money, this time $1,500, after they had done the sex act in the man’s hotel room, but the man managed to lock him out of the room, and called the hotel security. Ransom ran away again, but was finally caught bi the police the next day.

in case you did not notice it, Ransom have truly lived up to his given name.

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