Singaporean Filmmaker Posted Open Letter To Ministers, Wants Them To Clarify Definition Of Falsehoods

How do Singaporeans know what to say and what not to say now that the PAPigs are alarmed at every potential “falsehood”? Are you afraid of being punished for what you said?

Singaporean filmmaker Martyn See posted an open letter to ministers in asking them to clarify their definition of “falsehoods”. He picked out 20 statements from the Internet and hoped that the Whites can enlighten Singaporeans on what is considered deliberate falsehoods and what is not.

Among them are statements like “HDB prices are inflated to enrich government coffers”, “Lee Kuan Yew’s assurance that the value of HDB flats will never go down was a deliberate falsehood”, “The ruling to reserve the Elected Presidency for Malay candidates was primarily intended to disqualify Tan Cheng Bock” and “The People’s Association, NTUC and Singapore Press Holdings are partisan organisations at the beck and call of the PAP”.

It will be great if the PAPigs can come out with clear answers so Singaporeans will be better informed, but do you think they will address his open letter?

If they do, great. If they don’t, how? With so many unanswered questions, who can be certain they will not use their powers arbitrarily?

At this rate, do they really want Singaporeans to shut up for good? Is the only way to rule them all to run a nation that is soundless, mindless and useless?

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