Netizen Starts Petition Against Fake News Law In Singapore, Said It Stifles Freedom Of Speech

Really simi sai also petition. There is now a petition against the fake news law in Singapore.

Started by a Mel Ong, the petition claims that the law on deliberate falsehoods is too broad and thus stifles freedom of speech in the nation. It compared Singapore’s laws with fake news laws in European countries such as France and Germany to highlight the contrasting approaches.

What exactly is the definition of deliberate falsehoods? Who has the right to decide what is fake from what is not? Why do they have the power to do so and not others? Can they exempt anyone else as and when they want to?

“The second reading will be done in parliament in May 2019 and the Bill will most likely be passed. Say NO to let your MPs know that you are concerned about the passing of this Bill.

I am a social media user and I believe free speech and freedom of expression are important”.

So far, only 50 people have signed. What do you think? Is it unfair? If it is, will starting a petition change things?

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