Driver Thinks All Hijabi Muslim Women Who Comes Out Of Google Office Works As Canteen Operator

We are told that Singaporeans are not bounded by race and the generalisation of one’s race and their characteristics. Obviously, that is still not the case. How many Singaporeans still think all Indians likes to drink way too much, how many still think Chinese are heavy gamblers, and how many think all Malays are damn lazy?

In another example of taking race generalisation as something inoffensive, a driver had been called out by a hijabi wearing Malay woman. In her Facebook post, one Atikah Amalina told the story of how she stepped out from her office (she works for Google) and got into a car. Immediately, the driver, in trying to make conversation, asked her is she works in the canteen at Google. The woman, was of course hurt and humiliated. Just because she was a Malay woman in a hijab, coming out of an atas firm like Google, and this driver assumed she worked as a canteen operator? Why does he not think she is capable of actually working for Google itself, in its plush offices? Is it a given than, that those working in a firm as big as Google, cannot be anyone who wears a tudung, or worse, cannot be a Malay? After all, even for the highest job in title in Singapore, that as a President, also need a special reserved slot by the government, because otherwise, a hijabi Malay woman can never be President, right?

Clearly, the driver had stereotyped her, by being a hijabi Malay woman, she surely cannot be anything more than a canteen operator at Google, right? When will this stereotyping of race stop? When our PAP government finally stop playing their race politics also?

Atikah’s Facebook post can be found here =>

We wish Atikah the best, and that she never face such drivers ever again

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