Ang Moh Who Attacked Security Guard Surrendered, Now Wants To Apologise & Redeem Himself

The ang moh who punched a security guard at Roxy Square has surrendered himself after realizing his new-found fame. He reportedly approached the mall security as he could not find the mall’s exit.

Instead of appreciating the security guard’s help in giving him alternative directions, the rude and arrogant ang moh proceeded to taunt and assault the poor officer.

He then tried to attack the video-taker, who is also a security officer at the mall.

Despite having escaped from his cowardly act, he went back to Roxy Square to apologise and surrender himself. That does not make him any braver btw. The police are now investigating the matter.

Unfortunately for the 47-year-old security guard, he suffered multiple injuries such as a swollen eye and injured neck. He had to undergo x-ray and CT scans and is taking painkillers to make himself feel better.

His security company, Regal Security, will cover his medical expenses and is considering to take action against the mad man.

Ang moh big deal? Singaporeans do not welcome bullies like him who take our society, opportunities and people for granted.

He has shown the world that he is an uncivilized brute who is full of himself when he is actually full of bullshit. Use your brain, not your fist. Then maybe people will think twice about shaming you.

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