Ang Moh Mocks Security Guard, Then Hits One Punch That Floored The Guard

A Caucasian man has been caught on video mocking a security guard who was helping him to find the exit, probably after the stupid ang moh lost his way at the underground carpark. At the end of the video, the ang moh hit the security guard with what a punch, flooring the guard while his spectacles flew off his face.

The video started with the guard asking the ang moh to talk nicely, to which the ang moh replied to the guard to “Fuck off”. The confrontation most likely started much earlier, with another man filming the while incident, while the ang moh was also seen holding up his phone to film his smugness. The guard told the ang moh that he was not cooperating, to which the ang moh laughed. He also laughed a few times at the man holding the camera, insinuating that he was wasting his time filming the thing.

The ang moh was seen purposely blocking the guard’s way as he tried to show him the way, having the cheek to tell the guard that he walked into his arm. The guard still maintained his cool, and told the ang moh that there were three exits, and he will show him the way. The ang moh keeps laughing at the guard to dismiss him off, and also called the guard an idiot as he was waling to the exit. As they rounded a corner, the ang moh was clearly seen sticking out his leg to trip the guard, to which the guard finally lost his cool and shouted “Enough!”

This probably triggered the ang moh, as he suddenly threw one punch that sent the guard’s glasses flying away, and the guard sprawling to the floor. Another person can be heard shouting in the background to call the police. It was not known later what happened to the guard and the ang moh, or whether the police, were indeed called.

The ang moh better start planning for a return to wherever he came from, for as the video has gone viral, Singaporeans surely won’t be able to be forgiving to his antics.

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